Red Sea Water Sports and Diving

Red Sea Water Sports and Diving, Top class scuba diving and Water Sport holidays in the Red Sea, Sharm and Taba, Egypt.Warm water, coral reefs And A Lot Of Fun Waiting You There =)
Welcome to Red Sea Waterworld Sharm El Sheikh

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the most beautiful beaches

Dahab is located some 85 km (53 miles) north of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba, near the southern tip of Sinai. Once an isolated coastal village, Dahab turned into a hippie hangout in the 1980′s and became something of an “alternative resort”, mixing cheap accommodation with a laid back lifestyle. Activities such as wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and camel and jeep trips make it one of the most popular destinations along the Red Sea.

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Bedouin face veils collection

Red C Villas and Apartments in Dahab does not have rooms decorated with the paintings on papyrus or fanciful images of pyramids and palms that you find in too many Egyptian hotels and accommodations.

Instead they have high quality photographs by a local photographer, and Bedouin face veils, each one embellished by hand and unique. The collection of one of the owners has been framed and is now shared with guests, bringing a special piece of Sinai heritage into your stay here.

More about Bedouin face veils

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Egypt safe to travel

Is it safe to travel now in Egypt? many people ask this as Egypt is in the news internationally because of demonstrations here.
However these protests are in small areas, not the entire country. The media focus on them and do not tell the whole story.

When there is a protest in one part of Cairo it does not affect the rest, where life goes on as normal. The media only say “Sinai” in news reports, but being in North Sinai and being in South Sinai is completely different. Imagine for example that you plan to go to San Francisco and something happens in New York, and everyone tells you “don’t travel to the USA, it is all dangerous!” You know these places are far apart and conditions in each city are different, so you travel to San Francisco anyway. This is how things are in Egypt.

South Sinai, the coast route from Taba to Sharm el Sheikh and including the towns of Nuweiba, Dahab, and the town of Saint Catherine and its Monastery are all safe, people are enjoying their holidays here and going on pilgrimage as usual.

Travelling with Nature Travel you will be looked after and secure. Nature Travel uses these roads and brings visitors from all over the world to these places every day.

Please contact us if you have any questions on +20 693500391.

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Red C Villas and Apartments, Dahab

If you are looking for somewhere special to stay and have never considered Dahab, this slideshow may make you think again. Dahab offers a laid back atmosphere, a spread of cafes and restaurants, great scuba diving and snorkeling, and a convenient base for trips into the Sinai desert and mountains.

Dahab has a wide choice of accommodation from backpacker bargain places to 5 star. But if you are looking for something more intimate, set a little apart from the crowd but still close to all the attractions, beautifully designed and with the feel of a home away from home, Red C Villas and Apartments are a new addition that answers your dreams.

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see more photos of Red C after sunset, which will have you thinking “I really don’t need to go into Dahab central at night, everything I could want is right here” at

If you are not familiar with Dahab but know Sharm el Sheikh or usually stay there, Dahab is only an hour by car from Sharm International Airport. Dahab has a very different atmosphere to Sharm, offering similar Red Sea water sport attractions (including famous dive spot, the Blue Hole), desert escapes, and nearby destinations such as St Catherine’s Monastery and Mt Moses. Traditionally a Bedouin fishing settlement, it is now a small, thriving community of native Bedouins, Egyptians and expats.

The Red C complex has a sparkling central pool (actually multiple pools, including one for children, and a small waterfall), with each air-conditioned apartment positioned to give you privacy. Each has either balcony or garden area, views of the pool and mountains, and some have great views across the Red Sea. Kitchens have all you need for self-catering, and there is always the possibility of a bbq, or a special Bedouin dinner can be arranged. A washing machine is shared between all the apartments. Beaches and shops are a short walk away. The layout offers flexibility for family stays, or even for a group workshop or retreat.

Meticulous attention to details has created rooms that have plenty of natural light, space, and superior finishes, furnishings and decoration, with local stone and wood featured. A distinctive addition is a collection of beautiful Bedouin burka or face veils, which have been framed and feature throughout the apartments. Bedouin burkas are ornate, decorated with gold and silver coins, beading and fine details. They are not often made like this by the Bedouin women now, and each one has some element of fascination in its design. Having one in your bedroom is like having your own art treasure, and a reminder of the traditional culture of Sinai.

At Red C your holiday can include as much or as little activity as you decide. Owners Dom, Steve and Summer share their experiences as long term Dahab residents and can advise you on the best of everything locally, whatever your interests. They are divers, and full diving holidays for beginners through to those with more experience are available through their partner dive centre H20 Divers Dahab. There are free Scuba try dives in the Red C pool for all non diver guests during 2013.

Private yoga classes, pilates classes and in-room massages are available and guests can choose where they would like to take a class or massage – pool side, roof terrace or the comfort of the apartment.

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Cairo – 2 day, overnight highlights tour

Cairo is a big city with a long history, and it is impossible to do more than scratch the surface of its wonders in two days. But Nature Travel can give you the best of the city in a two day, overnight stay.

We would like to share with you the experience of a group that this week had two wonderful days in the great city. It is possible to do this tour on arrival in Cairo, or Nature Travel can transfer you to Cairo from cities such as Sharm el Sheikh or Taba, fitting the tour with your other holiday plans.

Make a cup of something, relax and enjoy the slideshow, and start dreaming of your trip to Egypt.

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Nasser, our guide for this tour, is continuing his study in archaeology and has a deep knowledge of Egyptian history, and a lively and engaging way of explaining it. We started the day at the Museum, and were led on an overview of Egypt’s past with highlights of the exhibits explained, including the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Seeing the museum first gave everyone a grounding in Ancient Egyptian history and understanding of how the people lived, before going to see the pyramids.

Before arriving at the Giza plateau, we had enticing views of the pyramids from the restaurant during our lunch. Going inside one of the pyramids is an option on tours, which our guests were glad they had taken. Walking around the pyramids and sphinx is an awesome experience, they live up to all your expectations. We also had views of the pyramids from our hotel rooms, and could watch them merge into the darkness before we went out in search of dinner. We tried Egyptian specialties at GAD, including pigeon stuffed with rice, shwarma (roasted meat), and rice with seafood (shrimps and calamari), served with soup and fresh salad.

The second day began with a drive to Saqqara to see the first pyramid, the Step pyramid. Nasser explained in detail the different construction styles, and even how hieroglyphic style changed when we were looking at graffiti in one structure at Saqqara.

We had plenty of time to wander around the sites and take photographs, or just to take in the awesome achievements of the ancient architects and imagine how life was for the rulers and the workers of the past.

We were driven back from Saqqara through green farms, enjoying the shade of date palms and watching life along the canals. to the city and the Citadel of Salah Al-Din. Inside this fortress we visited the mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha (or Alabaster mosque), sitting on the carpets with lights above us and admiring the great dome. Nasser explained the features of the mosque and demonstrated the dome’s ability to carry sound, by making the Adhan, the call to prayer of Islam.

In complete contrast to the tranquility of the mosque, next up was Khan el-Khalili, the large souk or bazaar filled with every sort of souvenir you could dream of, from woven rugs to sheesha (water pipes).

Activities for the rest of the two days could have included a visit to a papyrus maker and essence (scent) maker. Our group chose a relaxing boat cruise on the Nile, which gave a different perspective of Cairo.

The Museum and the Nile cruise were close to Tahrir Square, but we felt safe and secure and saw no trouble during our visit. Between sights, some guests were texting family and friends at home to tell them they were fine and enjoying a great experience of Cairo.

Longer tours of Cairo can include Old Cairo, the beautiful churches, and much more. Please contact Nature Travel to find out more about the tours we offer

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Ras Mohammed National Park all day cruise – scuba dive, snorkel, or just relax

You do not need to be a scuba diver or even snorkel to enjoy a superb day trip by boat to Ras Mohammed National Park. But if you are a diver or snorkeler, you get to see the magnificent world under the water as well as the hauntingly beautiful landscape of Ras Mohammed park.

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Guests are collected from their hotels in mini buses about 8 AM, and brought to the dive centre where permission forms are completed. Then it is off to the marina to board your boat. Several stops, usually in three places from Ras Mohammed to Ras Katy, which is closer to central Sharm el Sheikh, mean that those who want to dive and snorkel experience different reefs and varieties of fish and other marine creatures. If you are lucky you may see dolphins leap from the water near your boat, or see a manta ray or turtle along with the thousands of fish.

The National Park is located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula and is one of the most famous dive sites in the Red Sea, repeatedly ranked high in lists of Best Dive Sites Worldwide. It includes 800 meter deep reef walls, a strong current, and some of the most exquisite coral gardens you can imagine. The water is rich in plankton and other foods which fuel the growth of stony and soft corals, and this attracts large schools of fish. These fish as a food source in turn attract fish such as barracuda, jackfish, tuna, and sharks.

In summer the Red Sea waters are not cold at all, making swimming a real pleasure, and visibility is usually excellent year round.

A buffet lunch is included, essential for hungry divers and equally enjoyed by those who choose to just laze on deck. Guides and assistance in the water is included, and the crew watch carefully the less strong swimmers and ensure they are safe, and help you back onto the boat if needed. Children can take to the water safely and enjoy the same experience as the adults. Your boat returns to the marina about 4.30 PM, and you are returned to your hotel. There is a small additional payment for the National Park entry, and if you do not bring your own snorkel, mask and fins, these can be hired.

These trips are relatively inexpensive, so even if you are booked into an all-inclusive hotel, adding a trip should not break your holiday budget. An experience like this is the best souvenir you can take home, better than anything you can buy in the bazaars of Sharm. The boat trips offer sensational value compared to what a similar trip would cost you in Europe, the UK or elsewhere.

Contact us at Nature Travel to book your trip, and don’t miss experiencing this unique place.

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Peace Road Designs – beautiful bags celebrate Egypt, and give back to community

Peace Road Designs are made in Dahab, South Sinai. Finding good quality souvenirs is not easy in Egypt. Peace Road tote bags made from vibrant Egyptian tent fabrics are a perfect and practical reminder of Egypt for yourself, or a beautiful gift to take back to friends and family.

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Each style shows real consideration of what you need in a great bag, and every bag is very well made, with strong stitching and wide, secure straps. The quality of the bags reflect Peace Road designer Bronwyn Jones’ training in tailoring, and her refined eye for colors and patterns. Designs include a two-way tote which is the perfect size for the beach, a baby diaper bag, and a yoga mat carry bag, and the range is growing.

The inside of the one-way tote bag has color coded pockets including two large open pockets for easy access to your phone, camera, or notebook, and a zip pocket for cash and passport. There is a loop to keep your keys safe. The sides are finished square, so you can even fit a water bottle in the bag without stressing the seams. I have turned my bag inside out and it is so well finished that it looks just as good with the pockets on the outside.

Peace Road is environmentally friendly and has another range of bags made from post-consumer recycled clothing, which means they are one-of-a-kind. Bronwyn has also developed an environmentally-conscious initiative and eco-friendly way to use old denim jeans. She collects pre-loved jeans that would have gone to waste or ended up in landfills, and customizes them using various colored fabrics. Jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes and even suits can all receive the Peace Road creative treatment. She also offers customers the option of having their own pieces customized. The colourful designs are inspired by the patchwork tents of the nomadic Bedouin of South Sinai.

Peace Road extends its ethical concerns to the community, by working with Bedouin women from South Sinai. These skilled women hand-make a variety of products including beaded accessories. Purchasing directly from these women is a simple way to empower the women of Sinai and increase their quality of life, not through charity but by giving them a career, self confidence and independence. Bedouin girls make bracelets of thread in vibrant colors, and a bracelet is used to attach the swing tag to each Peace Road bag. Bronwyn is also teaching two young Bedouin to sew, and hopes to see them produce their own designs eventually.

See more at and Like the page to stay informed of new designs.

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Yoga in Nuweiba – the Studio between the sea and the mountains

Nuweiba is the perfect place to relax and re-balance, and Nuweiba Yoga Studio provides for your well-being in many ways.

The studio is in an elegant and peaceful home.The main yoga room can comfortably hold 10 people, has windows looking out to sea and good natural light. It is equipped with mats, blocks and belts, and wall ropes, is air-conditioned, and there is a sound system for music if needed.

The other yoga spaces include a large flat roof area which looks across the mountains and the sea, and this is also a beautiful place to spend the evenings watching the stars in the clear Sinai skies. The Studio has its own beach, with a gazebo where you can mediate or relax lulled by the sounds of the waves.

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Teacher Susan Metwali will lead small, intimate classes or work with you individually. Susan is a qualified Yoga teacher and has been teaching for over 20 years, mainly in West and South West London. She welcomes both beginners and those more experienced in Yoga asana practice to her classes. Her teacher training began with many years of Iyengar Yoga classes including classes with BKS Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar. Susan has also chosen to expand her knowledge with other teachers and has developed a style of teaching that embraces the knowledge of these great yogis. Drawing on her experience of working with many different age groups and abilities, Susan’s style of teaching focuses on the individual and allows a sense of joy and personal ease to be experienced through the practice of the eight limbs of Yoga.

Yoga classes take place at the studio almost every day, with a Morning Session: 10.30am – 12 midday and Evening Session: 4.00pm – 5.30pm.

Meditation and breathwork are also offered, and Susan can provide Reiki treatments, head massage, women’s body massage, Ayvrvedic facials.

The studio is also available for hire by yoga teachers and teachers of other disciplines such as pilates, dance, tai-chi. This can be by the hour or a teacher can arrange to bring a group of students and teach them at the studio for a week long retreat. The Studio will arrange accommodation, meals and airport transfers as an all in one attractive package for the teacher who can then charge his/her students on an individual basis.

If you are looking for a retreat for yourself or a small group, Nuweiba is a peaceful contrast to bustling Dahab or crowded Sharm el Sheikh. We suggest that anyone visiting Egypt schedules a class during their time in Nuweiba, and encourage locals to become regulars at the Studio. If you live and work in Dahab or Sharm, a day or two in Nuweiba will refresh your love of this area and a session at the Yoga Studio will refresh you.

You can find more information about Nuweiba Yoga Studio at and

In July, Susan will be holding a yoga retreat in the Tuscan hills, Italy. The accommodation is in a converted farm house with lovely garden and swimming pool. Yoga sessions will take place on a terrace with spectacular views as well as in the house. Date : June 29th – July 6th 2013 For more details and to book:


CARAVAN Festival of the Arts, Cairo, 9-16 May

As Egypt seeks to find its path into the future, the annual CARAVAN Festival of the Arts has the theme “In Peace and with Compassion …The Way Forward”. Hosted at St. John’s Church in Maadi, sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland in Egypt, and supported by the British Council, the festival will be held from 9-16 May and will focus on visual public art, literature, film and music.

(more information below this poster)


The CARAVAN Festival of the Arts was founded five years ago with the objective of building bridges of understanding, respect and friendship between East and West, and between Muslims and Christians, through the Arts.

The week-long festival attracts thousands of visitors from around Egypt and the world. One of its unique aspects is that, to date, the festival has taken place at the historic St. John’s Church in Maadi/Cairo, a center for interfaith dialogue for over 80 years.

The heart of this 2013 CARAVAN festival is a visual public art exhibition. This year over 45 premier Egyptian and Western visual artists, Muslim and Christian, are participating in what will be a truly unique public art-oriented exhibition for Cairo. The 2013 CARAVAN visual art emphasis seeks to follow in the footsteps of an approach to public art that has featured painted animals. The subject in Cairo will be the donkey which symbolizes peace in both Islam and Christianity. Participating artists included celebrated Egyptian artists such Reda Abdel Rahman, George Bahgory, Ibrahim El Dessouky, and Mohamed Abla, to expatriate artists such as the well-known Norwegian artist, Britt Boutros-Ghali.

Additionally, there are special participating guests in the festival for film, literature and music include noted Egyptian actor Amr Waked, who will be giving a talk and a screening of his latest film, Winter of Discontent, Dr Alaa El Aswany, the best selling novelist of The Yacoubian Building, who will give a talk and sign his newly released book, The Automobile Club, and the renowned oud (lute) composer and player, Georges Kazazian.

All attendance is free of charge, and 20% of all art sales go to Egyptian charities assisting the poor regardless of creed.


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