Cairo – 2 day, overnight highlights tour

Cairo is a big city with a long history, and it is impossible to do more than scratch the surface of its wonders in two days. But Nature Travel can give you the best of the city in a two day, overnight stay.

We would like to share with you the experience of a group that this week had two wonderful days in the great city. It is possible to do this tour on arrival in Cairo, or Nature Travel can transfer you to Cairo from cities such as Sharm el Sheikh or Taba, fitting the tour with your other holiday plans.

Make a cup of something, relax and enjoy the slideshow, and start dreaming of your trip to Egypt.

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Nasser, our guide for this tour, is continuing his study in archaeology and has a deep knowledge of Egyptian history, and a lively and engaging way of explaining it. We started the day at the Museum, and were led on an overview of Egypt’s past with highlights of the exhibits explained, including the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Seeing the museum first gave everyone a grounding in Ancient Egyptian history and understanding of how the people lived, before going to see the pyramids.

Before arriving at the Giza plateau, we had enticing views of the pyramids from the restaurant during our lunch. Going inside one of the pyramids is an option on tours, which our guests were glad they had taken. Walking around the pyramids and sphinx is an awesome experience, they live up to all your expectations. We also had views of the pyramids from our hotel rooms, and could watch them merge into the darkness before we went out in search of dinner. We tried Egyptian specialties at GAD, including pigeon stuffed with rice, shwarma (roasted meat), and rice with seafood (shrimps and calamari), served with soup and fresh salad.

The second day began with a drive to Saqqara to see the first pyramid, the Step pyramid. Nasser explained in detail the different construction styles, and even how hieroglyphic style changed when we were looking at graffiti in one structure at Saqqara.

We had plenty of time to wander around the sites and take photographs, or just to take in the awesome achievements of the ancient architects and imagine how life was for the rulers and the workers of the past.

We were driven back from Saqqara through green farms, enjoying the shade of date palms and watching life along the canals. to the city and the Citadel of Salah Al-Din. Inside this fortress we visited the mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha (or Alabaster mosque), sitting on the carpets with lights above us and admiring the great dome. Nasser explained the features of the mosque and demonstrated the dome’s ability to carry sound, by making the Adhan, the call to prayer of Islam.

In complete contrast to the tranquility of the mosque, next up was Khan el-Khalili, the large souk or bazaar filled with every sort of souvenir you could dream of, from woven rugs to sheesha (water pipes).

Activities for the rest of the two days could have included a visit to a papyrus maker and essence (scent) maker. Our group chose a relaxing boat cruise on the Nile, which gave a different perspective of Cairo.

The Museum and the Nile cruise were close to Tahrir Square, but we felt safe and secure and saw no trouble during our visit. Between sights, some guests were texting family and friends at home to tell them they were fine and enjoying a great experience of Cairo.

Longer tours of Cairo can include Old Cairo, the beautiful churches, and much more. Please contact Nature Travel to find out more about the tours we offer


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Our company, Nature Travel, is located in Sinai. For 30 years we have been operating in this region, specializing in desert safaris by camel or jeep, and high -mountain trekking. We also offer a wide range of other services, including hotel reservations and a variety of trips all over Egypt. Our staff are experienced professionals, with multilingual abilities. One of our specializations is the Sinai desert and our staff have extensive knowledge of its flora and fauna, as well as a deep understanding of the traditional Bedouin way of life. 90% of our company personnel, including drivers, guides and cooks, are local Bedouins. They are here to guide you through the majestic Sinai desert, and to help you have an experience of a lifetime. Our transport fleet consists of land cruisers and buses, ideal for both groups and individuals. All are air-conditioned and up-to-date models, for travel in safety and comfort.
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