Events will be updated at least once each month, so keep coming back for more reasons to get to know Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

If you are interested in attending any of these events, Nature Travel can look after all your travel and hotel needs and provide more information


contact Nature Travel for special tours through Egypt and Israel during Easter, Passover and Christmas. Visit Mt Moses and other sacred places and celebrate the real spirit of these seasons.

“In a global environment marked by rising intolerance and cross-cultural tensions, often exacerbated by the economic divide between nations, tourism can foster spiritual and cultural respect among and between peoples, while creating economic opportunities to benefit disadvantaged populations”
UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

Below the EVENTS lists for EGYPT, ISRAEL and PALESTINE, and JORDAN is a list of Cultural Organizations that provide other activities throughout the year.

21-27 April Dahab Bedouin Festival

Showing the world that Egypt is still safe for tourism. Organised by the Community of Dahab as a showcase of the best that Dahab has to offer, a week of events and activities for all ages.

5-13 LIGHT IN JERUSALEM 2013 – Fifth International Light Festival.
Jerusalem’s Old City is the magnificent backdrop for lighting installations, exhibits and tours. For this year’s Light in Jerusalem festival, seven renowned international light artists will work alongside their Israeli counterparts. This year, the audience is invited once more to participate in a magical, free experience, and enjoy three trails of light: Orange, Green and Blue that will be spread across the quarters of the Old City, tracing a path between the light installations. In addition, a unique fair of light-body designers and colorful outdoor performances will enhance the viewing experience. One of the festival highlights will be Q, a rock circus and a new genre of modern circus never before seen in Israel that features lit elements, acrobatics and acting.

to August – dates to be confirmed soon Red Sea Jazz Festival

to 31 August. The Palestinian Summer Celebration is a unique annual program that gives people from all over the world the chance to encounter the life, culture, and politics of Palestine. Learn Arabic and study Palestinian history at Bethlehem University, spend time with local families and volunteer with a community organization.
Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People

dates to be confirmed Jerash cultural festival Jordan’s largest cultural event

CULTURAL performances.
See these websites for scheduled events and contact Nature Travel for more information.

Naama Women’s Choir
performing special programs for tourists, combining guided tours in various locations such as Nazareth, Jerusalem, Caesarea. They also perform special Christmas programs.

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