Falling for Egypt – National Geographic Traveller

Andrew Evans, a world roving reporter for National Geographic Traveller, has raced through Egypt this week and it seems from his Twitter comments that he has fallen a bit in love with the place. We like that!

You can follow his course through Egypt via tweets ‏@WheresAndrew
Most of his tweets include photos from his unique perspective.

His conclusion
“Would recommend Egypt to anyone. Fascinating, rich in culture & currently empty. Never felt so loved & appreciated as a tourist.”

Now we look forward to seeing more photos and reports in a future issue of National Geographic Traveller. And as he seems so smitten with Egypt, we hope to welcome him back soon. Until then, enjoy his report on sneaking an iphone into a famous tomb
(NOTE: this practice is not one you should follow when you visit, and we suspect after Valley of the Kings security hears Andrew’s story, phones with cameras may not be permitted entry.)


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