Bedouin camel race, Nuweiba

Yesterday in the South Sinai desert near Nuweiba, many Bedouin gathered to race their finest camels around a large track. There were many exciting moments as the young riders urged these beautiful animals on, kicking up clouds of sand dust. The event was attended by the Governor and other officials, and cups and prizes were awarded to winners of each race.

Nature Travel provided transport for a film crew, including driving them around the centre of the racetrack while the races were in progress, and we look forward to seeing the results of their filming in a documentary on Sinai.

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Short video:

camel race


About naturetravelegypt

Our company, Nature Travel, is located in Sinai. For 30 years we have been operating in this region, specializing in desert safaris by camel or jeep, and high -mountain trekking. We also offer a wide range of other services, including hotel reservations and a variety of trips all over Egypt. Our staff are experienced professionals, with multilingual abilities. One of our specializations is the Sinai desert and our staff have extensive knowledge of its flora and fauna, as well as a deep understanding of the traditional Bedouin way of life. 90% of our company personnel, including drivers, guides and cooks, are local Bedouins. They are here to guide you through the majestic Sinai desert, and to help you have an experience of a lifetime. Our transport fleet consists of land cruisers and buses, ideal for both groups and individuals. All are air-conditioned and up-to-date models, for travel in safety and comfort.
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