Nature Travel’s sweet new faces, and a national campaign to help animals

Nature Travel has some new team members. A stray cat that we feed has recently had three kittens in our paper storeroom. Mother cat Habibti and babies are doing well.

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We were pleased to see this campaign by PETA launched earlier this year. As in so many places around the world, there are many stray animals in the streets of Egypt. People need to be reminded to care for our animal friends as well as for each other.

“…PETA, who filmed a Middle Eastern ad last month called “Earn Your Wings: Adopt a Stray.” The campaign ad, which starred actress Phaedra Al-Masri, was shot by leading fashion photographer Hatem Salem and directed by Amr Alim, seeks to promote the adoption of stray animals in the region.

This is the first Middle Eastern ad that PETA, which is the largest animal rights organization in the world, has put together. The campaign features a clad in white Al-Marsi fit with two angel wings with two street dogs that she had actually saved from living on the streets. “At this time, we all need to be thinking about compassion. Everyone can help stray animals by treating him or her kindly. If you see someone abusing a stray, speak out, and if you see an animal in distress, call a local animal welfare group for help,” she says in the ad. “I hope people will also adopt from shelters or rescue animals from the street. For every puppy or kitten born, another one is cruelly shot or poisoned.”

Cairo currently plays home to at least four shelters that take in abused stray animals who are waiting for adoption, but they are often overlooked in favor of overly priced international breeds. The ad attempts to show that with every purchased animal, a stray continues to live on the streets with his or her chance of dying of hunger or disease increasing every day.”


About naturetravelegypt

Our company, Nature Travel, is located in Sinai. For 30 years we have been operating in this region, specializing in desert safaris by camel or jeep, and high -mountain trekking. We also offer a wide range of other services, including hotel reservations and a variety of trips all over Egypt. Our staff are experienced professionals, with multilingual abilities. One of our specializations is the Sinai desert and our staff have extensive knowledge of its flora and fauna, as well as a deep understanding of the traditional Bedouin way of life. 90% of our company personnel, including drivers, guides and cooks, are local Bedouins. They are here to guide you through the majestic Sinai desert, and to help you have an experience of a lifetime. Our transport fleet consists of land cruisers and buses, ideal for both groups and individuals. All are air-conditioned and up-to-date models, for travel in safety and comfort.
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